Loveless ATLanta 24 SEP

Loveless Pittsburg 26 SEP

Loveless NYC 27 SEp


Loveless Chicago 29 Sep


Loveless Minneapolis 1 OCT

Angela Petrilli Los Angeles 8 OCT

Loveless Los Angeles 11 NOV

Azealia Banks Auckland 9 DEC

Azealia Banks Melbourne 10 DEC

Azealia Banks Sydney 11 DEC

Azealia Banks Brisbane 13 DEC

Loveless London 20 JAN

Loveless Atlantic city 27 may



     Groove Juggernaut (Stephen D. Haaker) is an independent musician based in Los Angeles. He plays drums for Loveless, Azealia Banks, Sister Speak, and his Alt-Djent band, Cartographer. Stephen is also a producer, recently spearheading the Sister Speak LP "Love For All". Out now! He's currently Co-producing an EP for Angela Petrilli, recorded at the famous sunset sound in hollywood.


    He performs on hundreds of records as house drummer for The Vanguard, a popular studio designed and run by Nick Morzov (bandmate, Cartographer). Nick and Stephen are experts in drum recording. They continue to experiment and refine their craft every day, writing and tracking for Cartographer and many others. For more Indie productions, he works closely with Brett Grossman (Co-Producer, "Love For All"). Brett is a seasoned musician and mixing engineer. Together, alongside their favorite songwriters and players, Stephen and Brett produce uniquely detailed and personal records, guiding the artist from demo to master with passion and transparency. Groove Juggernaut is also an experienced teacher, specializing in his unique Open Drumming style.

        Sergeant Haaker has been in Los angeles since leaving the U.S. Army Band in 2014. As a young soldier-musician, he performed thousands of shows with many different groups including the Army's first Metal band, "The Four Horsemen of the Arockalypse". They deployed to Iraq in 2009 to perform for the troops. The 13 month mission was his first tour. He recalls, "One of the best shows I ever played was for 200 soldiers at a tiny outpost. They built us a small stage outside, pulled up armored trucks to use as stage lights, and drank non-alcoholic beer as they moshed and raged to Killswitch engage and Lamb of God covers. It was clear, they desperately needed that show... I started taking music seriously after that." Upon return, he performed stateside with big bands, jazz combos, country ensembles, and lots of wedding bands--further developing his vast repertoire and unique sound.

        So what's Groove Juggernaut? It started as a reference to Stephen's diverse style, forged in the trials of intensive on-the-job training and refined by countless hours of study and practice. His sound Transcends dynamics and genre. The term has since become synonymous with his indomitable spirit. Deeply wounding Personal trials and devastating professional setbacks attempt to tamp the fire that has burned since the days of pots and pans. This humble confidence, formed by failure and triumph alike, has created a juggernaut--forever learning, creating, exploring and grooving.



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